Switter FAQ

Who runs this?
Assembly Four runs Switter!Assembly Four is a social enterprise made up of a small group of technologists and sex workers. We aim to create products and services that empower sex workers. Whilst Switter isn’t our main project, it is our first endeavour to help out the community. You can find out a little more about Assembly Four over here: AssemblyFour.com
We consider adult content to be any media that is pornographic and/or may be intended to cause sexual arousal.

How can you assure me it’s safe before I spend the time transferring over?
The technology behind Switter is an open source project called Mastodon, created in late 2016 and has been adopted by thousands of different communities, with more than half a million users worldwide. It has been tried and tested and is constantly improving.

The team at Assembly Four has 35 years combined technical experience.

Will Switter be effected by FOSTA/SESTA?
We’ve specifically set up Switter to be based outside the US with our domain residing in Austria where sex work is legal. FOSTA/SESTA should not effect our platform.

What do you do about spammers?
We will do our best to keep spammers at bay. Switter also has the ability to block users so either way this will be combatted.

Do you have any rules?
We want to ensure that Switter is welcoming for all workers. You can find our basic guidelines over here if you’d like to know more. In short though, we do not accept any content or users which endorse racism, sexism, discrimination against gender and sexual minorities, or advocation or xenophobic and/or violent nationalism.Also, be nice!

Do you take donations to cover the costs of running Switter?
At the moment, we are funding everything ourselves but are looking into platforms for this. We'll post any updates :)Is Switter encrypted?
It's secure in that it has an https:// however messages are not encrypted and you should treat this as you would Twitter or Facebook.

Is there an app?
There isn't an official Switter app as of yet and we strongly recommend using the Switter web interface, but you can download one of the Mastodon clients to use it as an app through the app store. We do not take responsibility for third party apps, however we can recommend Amaroq for iOS and Tusky for Android but you will miss out on Switter-specific changes.

How do I find people?
We are working on a better way to find your favorite providers and clients but in the meantime here are so ways to find people.
Search bar: Type in your providers name and hit enter
Rotate your phone to horizontal and use the search bar
Download Amaroq for iOS or Tusky for Android and use the search function


You can make a listing when you're working for clients to find you by tooting the following:You can now list when you are working on https://listings.switter.at/

- use the hashtag #swlisting
list your location (you need to actually write "location: canberra" not just the location.
- list your contact info MAKE SURE THESE ARE ON SEPARATE LINES

Please only post once or twice per day.

TO SEARCH: Simply type in your area. :)

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