Empowering sex workers through intelligent tech.modern thinking.thoughtful design.

Our mission is to build products and services to empower sex workers.

We are a collective of sex workers and technologists.

Founded in early 2017 with the original goal of providing sex workers with services and products that existing industries have previously ignored due to social stigmas. We want to make safety and support in sex work more accessible.

Embarking on our first project in early 2018, we aim to improve the lives of sex workers around the globe. Whether that be through the development of new technologies made widely accessible throughout the industry, or raising funds for good causes.

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Ethical Advertising for Escorts

Tryst is the first CRM and advertising platform built specifically for Sex Workers. Designed to streamline their workflow by providing tools to help juggle clients, advertising, appointments and messaging, all within one unified interface.

In order to keep Switter sustainable, we’ve decided to branch out. As an escort myself, I’m aware of the number of subpar directories out there. Our aim is to rise above and change that.

Although we are only in beta, there are a few key ways we’ll be making a change to how escort advertising is done. We’ll be focusing on creating tools within the platform to make your life easier rather than purely a place to put a few photos. This means providing improved analytics, integration with Switter, and a focus on streamlining your workflow. Making it easier for clients to find you and for you to secure bookings easily.

In the long run, we are hoping to create an online solution which enables you to operate your business without connection to US companies.

A few other ways in which Tryst is different:

We use fair pricing models

Regardless of how high or low your rates are, you should only be paying for the value you get from our platform. Our prices are kept low so all demographics can have access to advertising.

We cater to all genders

During building Tryst, we consulted with a number of non binary and trans workers to find out exactly how we can help cater to their side of the sex worker community.

We give back to the community

A portion of the profits, specifically from upgraded paid client accounts, go directly to the community. Whether this is towards workshops or to sex worker orgs, we are dedicated to keep the community strong.

We’re accepting Beta members now so head over to Tryst to join!

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A sex work-friendly social space.

Switter was created in response to the recent effects of FOSTA/SESTA and shadow banning of many workers' accounts. Despite the bill only just being passed, it has already had a detrimental affect on the community with sites such as Reddit and Craigslist pulling sections related to sex workers.

We set up Switter as a sex work-friendly alternative to mainstream social media which often censored workers.

The space is open to anyone involved in the sex industry. It is an open and free community where sex workers chat to fans, release new shoots, announce tour dates and whatever else they would like to share.

Switter is built on Mastodon, the world's largest free, open-source decentralised microblogging network.

Switter is live!

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The verge

A modern client management platform, built for sex workers.

Our first project is designed to streamline your workflow by providing tools to help juggle clients, appointments and messaging, all within one unified interface.

We utilise modern product engineering practices to bring you useful tools, quicker.

Everything in one place

Manage your clients, appointments and messages in one place, encrypted in the cloud.

All your devices

Manage your clients, appointments, and messages from any of your devices.

Intelligent messaging

Send and receive messages from any device. Prioritise your best clients while automatically handling time wasters.

Now accepting beta testers.

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We are a small team of three based out of Melbourne, Australia.

We consult with a close group of like-minded sex workers.

  • @LolaHunt

    Her main background is marketing in the tech space and has been working in the adult world for the past 4 years.

  • @J

    A technologist with 20 years of experience, specialising in web technologies, performance, and product.

  • @e

    A technologist with 11 years of experience, specialising in infrastructure, security and privacy.

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