Community Support

The online sex industry is awash in advertising spaces for sex workers. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these platforms do not encourage community involvement and do not regularly contribute to sex worker advocates and organisations. With international governments and other major organisations working against sex worker interests, it is absolutely vital that we at Tryst participate in the fight against the oppression of sex workers worldwide. We believe this is what sets Tryst apart from the competition. Tryst has participated in international tech conferences advocating for the full decriminalisation of sex work on and offline. Tryst also continues to regularly donate to not-for-profit organisations that are taking on this fight more actively. We have run a number of security workshops with some of these organisations because the community has indicated to us that online security is a fundamental problem faced by sex workers.

We also encourage workers to get in touch with us about events they believe we could sponsor or have a presence. We want to be open and honest in communication with our community, but clearly we are unable to sponsor everything. We have a community blog where we promote workers’ writing on their experience in the sex industry and can bring light to subjects and issues that might not otherwise be promoted. To our community, we say this; Tryst is irrevocably part of the sex industry. Where sex workers are penalised in systemic bigotry, or are deeply affected by an ongoing crisis, Tryst feels that it is important to give back to the workers who’s interests we rely upon. Your values are our values.We have supported events and organisations such as:

Ruby Conf AU 2020
Gallery5 Sex Work is Work Gallery Show
SWOP Behind Bars
Sex Worker Institute at The Woodhull Summit
Melbourne Sextech Hackathon
Scarlett Alliance
St James Infirmary Equity for Sex Workers and Transgender People
Las Vegas Sex Worker COVID19 Emergency Relief Fund
COVID19 Response Fund for sex workers in DC area
Maggie's: Toronto Sex Workers' Action Project
Dutch Emergency Fund
SWAI Hardship Fund
Berlin Collective Action: Nightlife Emergency Fund