Switter Grievance Procedures

last edited 07/04/2018
The aim of this Grievance Procedure is to settle grievances or complaints fairly and it is intended to operate simply and quickly. Every effort will be made to resolve the issue at the earliest possible stage, and at each stage efforts will be made in order to avoid proceeding to the next stage and to settle the issue amicably.

The Procedure
The first step is to report the account so we are aware of the account you feel is in violation of our rules. You can find how to do this below.

How to I file a report that a Toot or an account is breaking Switter's rules?
To report a Toot or Account:
1. Click the "..." menu button on the toot or the "hamburger" menu on the profile and select to report this
2. From this form, you can select any toots you would like to report
3. Fill in any comment that might be helpful in identifying or handling the issue (from "is a spammer" to "this post contains untagged pornography").
4. The report will be visible to server administrators once it is sent so they can take appropriate action, for example hiding the user's posts from the public timeline or banning their account.

What happens after I submit a report?
After you submit a report, we will review the reported account and/or Toot(s). If we determine that the account, and/or Toot(s) are in violation of our rules, we will take action (ranging from a warning to permanently suspending the account). You will receive a follow up from us if we need more information from you.

Please note that we do not banned users based on activity outside of Switter. If they have no broken Switter's rules, we cannot suspend them. We want to keep the space as open as possible. If you would like to stop seeing their account, you can always mute them.

What happens if I am reported?
If you have broken Switter's rules, one of our moderators will contact you to discuss the matter. We try to be as fair as possible, but there are some rules such as posting sexual depictions of children and registering accounts with inherently malicious intent which will be remove immediately without discussion.